Reb-M Stevia

When you taste Rise311, you’ll wonder how much sugar has been added in to get such a delectable flavor…and the answer is ZERO. We manage to craft our flavor simply using a delicate amount of our Reb-M stevia, which is the highest quality extract of stevia in existence. If you’ve ever had stevia and not like it, wait til you try this. You will not detect any hint of traditional stevia flavor because Reb-M is totally unique from the traditional stevia.

Almost all stevia you have tried comes from stevia using Reb-A (or maybe Reb-B) which is a non-caloric sweetening component found in the stevia plant. But Reb-A and Reb-B are abundant in stevia, relatively inexpensive to produce, and retain that traditional bitter aftertaste. Reb-M, however, is found is microscopic amounts in the stevia plant, and is very expensive to produce (which is why you likely will have never tried it in other products you have tried). But the flavor profile removes all traces of the traditional stevia flavor, leaving only a delightful taste that rounds out the flavor profile of RISE311. Wait til you try it.

Our Reb-M stevia allows RISE311 to have an incredibly nuanced and delectable flavor profile, without the addition of any added sugars or chemicals. The delicate sweetness brings out some of the flavor notes in our Dark Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla flavors, but without being too sweet or overpowering, and with no hint of an unpleasant aftertaste.