Natural Flavours

The bulk of our delectable chocolate flavor comes from our carefully sourced non-alkalized cocoa powder, because nothing brings out the flavor like the best culinary quality ingredients. But, to truly tease out all the various tasting notes in our crafted protein, we use truly natural flavor elements.


Our expert flavor crafters (gotta get the right word here) map out all the various flavor notes, and use essential oils, resins, and components from cocoa beans to tease out the subtle nuances of flavor. This process removes any off notes to perfectly balance the flavor profile. But we take pride in using truly natural flavors, so there is no usage of chemicals, irritants or other elements that can sometimes be found in natural flavors, let alone the awful ingredients found in artificial flavors.

Unmatched, complex, delicate flavor profiles across for RISE311. Without off notes. A smooth, creamy texture that’s hard to imagine. Customers often can’t believe they are getting 30 grams of protein per serving. They presume it’s closer to 5 grams based off the texture and flavor.