Natural, Organic Cocoa powder

Getting the right notes of chocolate flavor make all the difference to those of us who are chocolate lovers. Our culinary quality cocoa is natural, organic and non-alkalized.   Our cocoa is natural, organic and non-alkalized.  

Belgian and Swiss chocolate crafters are renowned for a reason. Opting for a rich chocolate flavor that combines complex notes of fudge brownie, sea salt, and smooth cream, with some of the simplicity of delightful chocolate milk or hot chocolate, requires choosing just the right type of cocoa. Our cacao powder is complex in flavor. For us, it need to be culinary quality and natural. One that didn’t go through the alkalizing process that removes so many of the antioxidants so richly found in the cacao bean, but still retains much of the richness. Our cocoa powder hits all those notes.

Because our cocoa comes from the highest quality cacao beans, and are minimally processed (without alkali), it is uniquely rich in the powerful polyphenols and other antioxidants unique to the cacao bean, and is one of the plant kingdom’s richest natural sources of magnesium. Cocoa has also been indicated in studies to potentially be supportive of heart and brain health. And, even helps stimulate a substance called PEA in your brain, which is probably why so many of us associate chocolate with happiness!