Barley Rice Protein

Barley is renowned as an ancient grain, very beneficial to overall health, and contains all 9 essential amino acids. To create the concentrated barley protein in RISE311, the barley is sprouted and cold-temperature processed to create an ingredient that is 85% protein content. This ingredient retains many of the polyphenols and other antioxidant content of the barley grain.   This plant-based protein is new and a total game-changer. Most plant-based proteins have a high viscosity, which is a fancy way of saying it creates a thick mess when mixed with water or milk, or blended in smoothies. The viscosity of our barley rice protein is so low, that when mixed in water the texture remains essentially the same as plain water. And the flavor is very light.

If you’ve ever had plant-based protein, you know it tends to be thick, with many off-notes in the flavor. Our barley rice protein transforms the protein experience. When mixed in water, it retains essentially the same viscosity as water. In other words, the water with the barley rice protein is essentially just as thin as plain water. It’s flavor is also uniquely light and delicate. And finally, it is an upcycled protein meaning it is amazingly eco friendly.

High in amino acids methionine and cysteine which perfectly balances out our amino acid profile. Mixed in the perfect ratio with our fermented pea protein, RISE311 scores a perfect 1.0 on the PDCAAS scale which measure the completeness of a protein. And the sprouting process also makes the barley significantly easier to digest. And the thinness of the barley along with its light flavor allow us to create a texture and flavor profile that is a game-changer in the protein space. You’ll see when you try it.